Iraq should throw out Saudi Ambassador and cut all relations with Saudi Arabia: Al-Awadi


The MP for the National Alliance Firdous Al-Awadi had demanded that Iraq should cut all relations with Saudi Arabia and close the Saudi embassy in Baghdad against the response of Saudi Foreign Minister.

The Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said that popular crowd are Shiite militias and this issue should be resolved. Al-Awadi added that Iraqi government should throw out the Saudi ambassador from Iraq and any type of diplomatic ties with the Saudi government should be terminated. She said that Iraq only experienced terrorism and invasion of terrorists from Saudi side. Those terrorists were used to create sectarian battle and shedding with Iraqi blood in the country.

Tension between Saudi and Iraq

She also pointed out that we are amazed to see a lack of powerful response from the Iraqi government because Saudi Arabia made severe interference in the Iraqi internal affairs. She said that the popular crowd is based on the formal military force under the authority of Iraqi Prime Minister. The people of popular crowd are the son of this country and we really proud of them. They are fighting against terrorists in the country in order to liberate Iraq land. The Saudi Foreign Minister also called a press conference and said that popular crowd should be dissolved because they are raising the sectarian battle in Iraq. Point to be noted that relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia have entered in most critical conditions. It is important that Saudi Arabia is an important ally of coalition forces fighting in Iraq.

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