Iraq to Raise 2 Billion Dollars as Donation Tomorrow: Ibrahim Al Jaarfri


The foreign minister of Iraq said in its press briefing that a meeting of twenty four countries is being organized by United States of America in Washington tomorrow to appeal for Iraq fund raising. Ibrahim Al Jaafri is so hopeful to raise at least $2 billion to handle the recent critical situation of Iraq. He said the credit goes to United States of America who convinced these countries to help Iraq in this situation. The funds raised in this meeting will be utilized to rebuild infrastructure, sanitation system, humanitarian assistances for internally displaced people in the country and the child protection program.

The infrastructure of Iraq is complete destroyed by the recent attacks of militants on different cities. The roads, bridges, hospitals, schools are ruined completely by the militants and by the air strikes of Allied forces on different provinces of the country. The amount will be spent to rebuild such provinces affected by this war badly. Al Anbar is the province that is affected by this war more than any other province in the country. The chief minister of Al Anbar also made an appeal to the world last week for its reconstruction.

After that appeal, Japan decided to provide $7 million to the Anbar province for infrastructure rebuilding and for the child protection program. The dependency of Iraq on oil production and export in the international market is considered to be the main reason for unemployment in the country. Unemployment is the basic cause of crime and terrorism in any country of the world. Jaafari said the funds will be utilized to create jobs in different sectors of Iraq for young people.


The private sector Ira will be promoted to create jobs that were neglected by the authorities for years. Yesterday a meeting was conducted between UNDP and Toyota Iraq to sign an agreement to create jobs for Iraq people in Toyota and some other sectors of the country.

The humanitarian conditions of Iraq are worst to the alarming situation. World need to take step to support Iraqi people who are living in the camps. The UNIFEC figures show more than seven million people need foods, clean drinking water, sanitation facilities, medicines and education for their children. The ground realities are more alarming than the figures shown in the media. All of these tasks are hard to complete with world help. The people of the world need to help Iraqi people in the situation like this. UNO believe if we don’t care about these people, they will be a soft target for militants to wash their brains and send them as suicide bombers in your countries.

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