Iraqi Air will be controlled only by American Air Force: Security Committee


The Iraqi Parliamentary Defense and Security Committee has confirmed that the United States will not allow in giving F-16 aircrafts to Iraqi Air Force, but the U.S only agreed to participate and fly in the operations in the country.

The committee also pointed out that Washington needs to hold control in the Iraqi air. A member of the parliamentary committee MP Majid Ghraoui issued a statement that Washington Administration needs the control of Iraqi air. They will not allow Iraqi F-16 aircraft to hit the terrorist’s targets and Daash organization, but after the permission of the U.S. He added that the Washington Administration will control Iraqi air and air defense. The U.S Air Force will only be allowed to hit on the nests of Daash organization.

U.S F16

The U.S Administration will not allow Iraqi air-crafts to fly and launch any kind of air strikes against Daash organization and other terrorist groups, but after the approval of Washington Administration. Point to be noted that the President of Iraqi National Coalition Iyad Allawi said that a large number of Iraqi armed people are against the current Iraqi government, but the Washington Administration has bounded its support for Iraq by not changing the current Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi. He added that government of Al-Abadi is weak in front of the current crisis and Al-Abadi will not be able to control the people if they go to the armed uprising and obviously it would not be peaceful.

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