Iraqi Cabinet to be rearranged by adding New Ministries: National Alliance


The Deputy for the Iraqi National Alliance issued a press statement that Iraqi cabinet should be rearranged. He added that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi should include the Ministries of Finance, Electricity, Oil and Youth & Sports in the cabinet.

He said that the Iraqi cabinet should be reorganized by adding the Ministries of Electricity, Finance, Oil and Ministry of Youth & Sports in the Iraqi cabinet. He further added that there is no need for a big change and adding more ministries in the cabinet. We hope for the support by Iraqi Prime Minister and it would bring a real change in the country. He pointed out that the change process requires a guarantor for the time being in order to manage the issues.

He also stressed that Iraq needs technocrat ministers having best skills with extra capabilities, honesty, and dedication and away from narrow minded approach. He pointed out that Ministers comes from political parties, but we need to appoint ministers on merit, not considering choosing from their political backgrounds. The Iraqi Prime Minister has asked in a speech on Tuesday to rearrange cabinet significantly and professional technocrats should be included in the cabinet. He said that Iraqi House of Representatives and all the Iraqi political blocs must cooperate with Iraqi government to handle the critical situation.

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