Iraqi Finance Minister & Foreign Minister “Terminated” from Iraqi Cabinet


Our authentic resources close to Iraqi Prime Minister informed that Haider Al-Abadi has planned to eliminate nine ministers from his existing cabinet as the first part for the administrative reform plan.

The source further added that three of them are the key and important ministers including Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, Minister of Higher Education Hussein Al-Shahristani and Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari. Source confirmed that Al-Abadi will not dissolve his entire cabinet of ministers at once, but will terminate ministers periodically. If he dismisses its entire cabinet of ministers then his own government would be unconstitutional and he should resign from the Iraqi Prime Minister’s post to dissolve the entire cabinet.

The source further indicated that Al-Abadi would announce the termination of five ministers belonging to the National Alliance including the Ministry of Foreign, Transport, Justice, Water resources, and Higher Education. Source further added that this change would eliminate three key ministers from coalition forces including Trade, Agriculture and Electricity. It is important that one minister belongs to Kurdistan Alliance, Iraqi Ministry of Finance. Source said that the time is too close that Al-Abadi will present a new list of minister in the Iraqi House of Representatives for approval. But, prior to present new selected minister’s name in the Iraqi Parliament, Al-Abadi will send this list to Iraqi Parliamentary Political Blocs for final selection.

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