Iraqi Forces Liberated entire area in Anbar and heavy losses for Daash


The Iraqi Media of military cell has announced that Iraqi security forces have liberated the entire area of Anbar Province after the current successful operations against the terrorist groups and Daash organization.

It is important that the Iraqi military commander said that Iraqi security forces liberated a town in Anbar province earlier, but the withdrawal of Iraqi security forces from this town provided handsome space for Daash organization to reorganize their militants. A press statement issued by the Iraqi military media cell that Iraqi anti-terrorism Special Forces liberated southern Anbar occupied by Daash and a massive loss of lives and equipments was reported.

The Iraqi Security Forces took back the control of Ramadi city last month and it was considered a major victory in order to secure the surrounding areas to the eastern side and to eliminate the Daash organization from Fallujah at the western of Baghdad. After moving towards the next targets at the west of Ramadi, Iraqi Security Forces left empty the Chen town. But, now Iraqi forces regain control the occupied town and eliminated all the terrorist elements and again liberated the area. The Iraqi Security Forces are moving perfectly in order to eliminate militants from a large amount of surrounding area of Lake Thar Thar. It is located between Salahuddin province and Al-Anbar province.

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