Iraqi Government should get help from International Experts to prepare Iraqi Federal Budget 2017


The Iraqi Parliamentary Economic & Investment Commission has demanded from the Iraqi federal government about the help of international financial & economic experts in the preparation of Iraqi budget 2017.

It would also prevent previous mistakes happened in the preparation of previous budgets of the state. A member of the Commission MP Burhan Mamouri said in a press interview that the previous year’s budgets were just like ink on papers approved by the Iraqi Parliament. But, Iraqi government didn’t implement with perfection and the allocated amount was not distributed to the provinces. The provinces didn’t collect more than 20 percent of the allocated amount for the quota in the federal budgets. It led to the hesitation in the implementation of various major projects and infrastructure.

Budget 2017

Mamouri further added that Iraqi government should get support of international financial & economic experts in order to prepare the Iraqi Federal Budget 2017. It would help in preventing the mistakes occurred in the previous Iraqi federal budgets. At the other hand, the Chairman of the Parliamentary National Coalition bloc, Kadhim Al-Shammari said the recent agreement between Iraqi government and the International Monetary Fund would impose extra amount of Taxes on the Iraqi citizens, so it should be reviewed prior to the preparation of Iraqi Federal Budget 2017. He added that there should be a greater transparency regarding in getting loans from the International Monetary Fund and loan from the United States for arming Iraqi Security Forces.

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