Iraqi Government will take essential steps against protestors at Green Zone


On Friday, thousands of Iraqi protesters had fortressed themselves on Friday prayers in Baghdad at the gates of Green Zone. Our authentic source informed that a large number of demonstrators started to construct protest camps.

The source indicated that very tight security measures had been taken early in the morning before the start of “Sit-in” in front of the Green Zone in the capital Baghdad. He added that there was a large number of security deployed. The Iraqi armed forces and capital police force were found doing their job. The Iraqi armed forces cut-off the bridges and roads, and installed heavy concrete blocks connecting to Sadr city. The Iraqi Interior Ministry called for commitment and to maintain the situation peaceful. The Ministry also advised the protesters not to break the law and stay calm otherwise strict actions will be taken.

The Iraqi Interior Ministry issued a statement that ministry would like to take the multitude of our honorable people according to Iraqi constitution. It is our responsibility to implement the law by force for the implementation of our all laws, duties, responsibilities in order to confirm security for our decent Iraqi citizens and to maintain stability in the function of law and order. The Interior Ministry is acknowledging the current critical situation that the country is experiencing and we will push all the potential threats and risks of any form in the best interest of Iraqi people. We will not give any permission to protesters to set up any plan to protest in front of the Green Zone gates. We have informed our security agencies to take any kind of essential step to avoid confusion and trouble.

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