Iraqi Ministry of Youth & Sports declared annual summary report 2015


The Office of the Inspector General at the Iraqi Ministry of Youth & Sports issued the annual report summary for the year 2015.

These documents are indicating the preparation of research committees by the Ministry and its institutions regarding the volume of contracts and recommended amounts for reforms. The Inspector General of the Iraqi Youth & Sports Ministry Hassan Al-Akeeli Ali forwarded his recommendations to take back more than 190 billion Iraqi dinars to Iraqi treasury. He also said that more than 6 billion and 500 million Iraqi dinars have been recovered. These documents also pointed out that the total modulated amount is estimated at 11 million Iraqi dinars. It is also said that more than eight million Iraqi dinars have been recovered within the recommended amounts after the auditing activities results.

The report also indicated that amount of more than 142 billion Iraqi dinars were previously postponed in records and the amount of 50 billion Iraqi dinars found in the audit project work in the Ministry. One of the presented documents indicated the number of investigation committees and declared that there were 69 investigation committees working on investigation. At least 61 investigation committees have been completed their investigation and the investigation of seven committees are in progress. The documents also pointed out that one of the committees was eliminated. The documents also indicated that the audited contracts were reached at 51 and the tenders were at 67 projects.

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