Iraqi Parliament to Vote on new Cabinet on Thursday 31st March


A deputy from the Liberal bloc and Sadrist movement Moussawi has confirmed that if Iraqi Prime Minister presents a list of independent technocrats on 31st March 2016 in the House of Representatives then Iraqi Liberal bloc would vote in the favor of new Iraqi cabinet.

Moussawi further added in his press statement that Haider Al-Abadi should present a list of independent technocrat ministers on Thursday 31st March as it was considered a deadline for Al-Abadi to present a new list of ministers in the House of Representatives. He confirmed that Liberal bloc will vote for new Iraqi cabinet of technocrat ministers because it would be in the best interest of Iraq. He added that Iraqi people need reforms and they are not focusing on quotas for political parties. Iraqi people only need independent and corruption free Iraqi cabinet.

voting for cabinet

He said that Iraqi Prime Minister would throw the ball in the House of Representatives to form an independent cabinet of ministers. It would also provide an ease to discover the truth of corruption. A large number of members in Iraqi House of Representatives said in the previous session that they will welcome independent technocrat cabinet. He added that tomorrow session of Iraqi House of Representatives has its own importance and it would decide the future of Iraq. He stressed that all the Iraqi political blocs should accept new cabinet of technocrats and implementation of administrative reforms. It is important that Speaker of Iraqi Parliament, Salim Al-Jubouri also said that Iraqi Prime Minister has two options. He can reshuffle the cabinet or form a new government of technocrats.

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