Iraqi Parliament will Vote for New Investment Law Today


Government of Iraq

Our authentic source informed that the next session will be start on Tuesday. It would be a regular meeting session of the House of Representatives and reading for a number of draft laws and voting on new amended investment law is also expected in this session.

According to our information, this agenda has been planned by the Council of Ministers for the Tuesday meeting. The voting on the amended investment law draft No. 13 of 2006 and voting on National Guard law is also expected in this meeting.

It is also said that the first reading will be start for draft law on endorsement agreement for technical and economic cooperation between the Iraqi Government and the Government of the Kuwait state. The first reading also includes the draft law agreement of the Iraqi Republic according to the 1973 convention in order to avoid spreading the pollution by ships.

The first reading also includes the reading the draft law for the fourth changing in the Civil Aviation law No. 148 of 1974. A large number of issues will be discussed including incorporation of the Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism with the Ministry of Culture. A large number of experts also predicted that Iraqi Parliament and government are working very hard to improve the efficiency by utilizing the available resources. It would also helpful in stabilizing the Iraqi dinar currency.

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