Iraqi PM Al-Abadi should arrest Nuri al-Maliki: Al Hakim



A member of Palm-council of Allkash Supreme Council, Al Hakim Muhammad stressed that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi should take immediate step to arrest Nouri Al Maliki.

He is still acting as Vice President of Iraqi Republic, in spite of the Iraqi House of Representatives voted to close down the office of Vice President. The MP Al Hakim also blamed the Abadi government and called Allkash parties to check the blockage regarding the implementation of the reforms, but how Al Maliki came back to his office and made a criminal activity.

He also stressed that Al Abadi would face problems by the other Iraqi political parties. Al Hakim further added that Iraqi citizens are expecting that coming time period would bring the launch of several other options and reforms packages. Now it is considered too hard in this situation due to the continuous lack of enthusiasm regarding the perfect implementation of reforms package in order to finish the posts of three Vice Presidents.

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