Iraqi PM has Full support by Iraqi Parliament to reshuffle Iraqi Cabinet: Iaram Sehikh


On Wednesday, the U.S ambassador in Baghdad Stuart Jones met with the vice-president of Iraqi Parliament and confirmed that the White House administration welcome the efforts and support the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi for supposed changes in the Iraqi cabinet of Ministers.

The Information office issued a statement that the vice-president of Iraqi House of Representatives Muhammad Iaram Sheikh met with the U.S ambassador in Baghdad Stuart Jones. The U.S ambassador said that the United States supports the supposed modification by the Iraqi Prime Minister in the cabinet of current government. They discussed regarding the latest improvement and development in Iraqi political and security condition. The current security situation in the region and joint cooperation between Iraqi government and the U.S administration in the fight against terrorism and termination of Daash also discussed in this meeting.

The statement indicated that Iaram Sheikh announced full support regarding the change in Iraqi cabinet of ministers in order to empower the efficiency of Iraqi government and institutions of Iraqi State. The vice-president of Iraqi Parliament said that Iraqi government has full support by the Iraqi House of Representatives for any supposed reshuffle in the cabinet and any kind of action that is best interest of the Iraqi people. The Iraqi government should select professionals and competent ministers to boost up economic and financial development in the country. Iaram Sheikh also discussed the reasons of current economic and financial crisis in the country due to decreasing oil prices and role of Kurdistan Region in this situation.

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