Iraqi PM Office powerfully denied allegation of UAE Foreign Minister


The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi’s Information Office issued a statement and expressed Iraqi condemnation on the statement of the Foreign Minister of UAE regarding the popular crowed.

The UAE Foreign Minister compared popular crowed with Daash terrorist gangs. The statement of the Iraqi PM Office stressed that those fighters of popular crowed are our volunteer heroes helping our security forces bravely in the fight against various terrorist groups, ISIS and Daash terrorist organization. They are fighting bravely and liberated a large number of Iraqi territory occupied by the terrorist groups and Daash organization. Daash and other terrorist groups imposed danger on the Gulf countries and Iraq needed vary much the support of these nations and they have provided their potential support in the war against terrorism and now we are with them.

The statement also stressed that popular crowed is verified by the prime minister working under the commander in chief of the Iraqi armed security forces. The statement entirely rejected the claim of comparison of popular crowed with terrorists and criminal groups. These remarks are being considered as the interference in its internal affairs. The Foreign Minister of UAE Abdullah Bin Zaid said on Friday that popular crowed is formed from the members of terrorist groups. He said in a press conference in the Russian Arab Forum took place in Moscow that we should consider all the measures the eliminate terrorism and those element that are encouraging the terrorism. We are able to differentiate between Daash organization and one sided victory of the popular crowed and other groups backed by Iran.

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