Iraqi Political situation is moving towards betterment: Washington Post


The American newspaper “The Washington Post” has confirmed that Iraqi political system will disturb everything and the situation could be out of control. This alarming situation is threatening the American arrangements in Iraq.

The Washington Post published an article and reported that “the plan of the U.S President Barak Obama regarding fight against Daash as an important ally”. The United States has been performing an important and active role on the ground of Iraq. The U.S Administration encouraged this important partnership, in spite of the raising critical political condition in Iraq. The newspaper further added that the issues of serious doubts are dependent on this cheerfulness and the strategy of the U.S Administration in the fight against Daash. The situation has become more critical due to the storming of the angry demonstrators to the building of Iraqi Parliament and destruction inside the Parliament on Saturday.

Biden and Al Abadi

The government of Iraq had declared a state of emergency in the capital Baghdad. The newspaper also pointed out that one of the main reasons was arrival of the U.S officials and the situation if Al-Abadi fails to control the current incidents occurring in the central Baghdad. The U.S is much focused in the fight against Daash organization and other terrorist gangs in Iraq. He added that situation became more critical after the visit of the U.S Vice President Joe Biden. He visited to calm down the Iraqi political blocs and advised them to focus on the war against Daash organization. The U.S Vices President and his advisers stayed in Iraq for ten hours, but Biden and his advisers believed that Iraqi politics is moving towards unworried conditions.

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