Iraqi Religious Authority Looking to Terminate Iraqi Prime Minister: Al Badran


Iraqi Prime Minister

A famous political analyst and expert Ali Al Badran issued a press statement that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi will be terminated in the middle of the year 2016. He also added that the some political blocs and religious authorities are not much satisfied with Iraqi Prime Minister for his reform policies.

Al Badran said in his press statement that a number of internal blocs in the National Alliance are not fully agreed with Haider Al Abadi’s reform policies. They also thinking that Iraqi Prime Minister don’t need National Alliance, but the Supreme religious authority is much satisfied with Haider Al Abadi’s reform policies and they have given him full power for its implementation.

He further added that the Iraqi supreme religious authority is not satisfied with the recent decision made by the Iraqi Prime Minister about issuance of new salary scale for employees of the state. The supreme religious authority thinking that it would increase the payment for salaries but Abadi should decrease it significantly. It is important that Iraqi Prime Minister’s reforms don’t serve for most of the Kurdish and Sunni blocs. Al Badran also added that Iraqi political blocs and religious authority would make plan to terminate Haider Al Abadi not directly but gradually and it is expected at the end of this year or in the mid of 2016.

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