Iraqi Scientist selected to supervise the World Conference in Romania


An assistant professor in the Kerkh University of Science Dr. Salam Jumma Al-Maliki has been selected to supervise the work of the World Conference sessions for “The Modern Technologies in the Industrial Engineering”.

These conference sessions will take place in the city of Lacey, Romania in the mid of June 2016. Jumma Al-Maliki said in a press interview that these conference sessions will be managed and organized by a number of European universities. The sessions would be noncommittal with periodic and an annual basis. It is expected that at least 120 scientists will be participated from the European, the U.S and Asian universities.

Dr Salam Jumma Al Maliki

Jumma Al-Maliki further added that the World Conference would offer the advanced and latest scientific research studies in various fields including Industrial engineering, Materials and Environmental engineering. It has been officially declared that Dr. Salam Jumma Al-Maliki has been selected as one of the most dominant international person in his specific and respective fields for the current year 2016 in the Guinness Marquis Marquise WHO’s WHO specially as being editor of the Modern Canadian Journal of Applied Science MAS. Its membership is considered in the liberation of at least 4 international scientific journals restrained in the Chile body and the United States.

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