Is Sadrist Movement similar to Khomeini’s Revolution?


On Sunday, authentic sources confirmed that at least 220 Iraqi officials including parliamentarians have left Iraq from three Iraqi airports during last two days with the beat of closing the Green Zone.

The Iraqi Immigration Department officer said in a statement that a large number of bookings recorded on the Iraqi National Airline and other Airlines, including a large amount of Iraqi officials and their families. Most of them were traveled to Amman, Istanbul and Dubai. The source didn’t mentioned name and further added that at least 350 families of Iraqi officials including women and children have been reached at 1,400 people who have left Iraq during last couple of days. The source also added that relatives of Iraqi officials and parliamentarians are also leaving Iraq.

Muqtada vs Khomeini

The source further indicated that residents of more than 120 luxury apartments and houses of the Iraqi parliamentarians and officials are now empty inside the Green Zone. An employee in the Green Zone, Anwar Al-Tamimi said that most of the recreational areas and residential units were build for the accommodation of Iraqi officials and politicians. All these units and areas are empty, and the residents have left the Green Zone in finding secure places. Point to be noted that current security situation in the Iraqi capital Baghdad badly affected the Iraqi politicians and parliamentarians with growing protests by the followers of Sadrist movement. Some Iraqi officials warned that Muqtada Al-Sadr is a Shiite leader and he is creating the situation as it was carried out by the Iranian revolutionary Shiite leader Khomeini against the King of Iran in the year 1979.

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