Is the Iraqi President has power to choose one or more Deputy?


Iraqi Presdent Fuad Masum

On Saturday, a member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Legal Committee Shawki stressed that the President of the Iraqi Republic has its own power to designate one or more Deputies to assist and help in his work, however referring the consideration for not turning around the Iraqi Federal Court to ask for submitted appeal on the eradication of the posts of Vice-President.

Shawki further added in a press statement that the Iraqi constitution allows and give the power to the Iraqi President for choosing one or more Deputies to minimize work load. He further added that the Iraqi law is based on its constitution, so the Iraqi President still has the option to keep one or multiple posts of Vice-President to increase its abilities. The most important thing is that if any appeal submitted by the Vice-President to the Iraqi Federal Court against the decision of Iraqi Prime Minister for termination of posts of Vice-President.

The Iraqi Federal Court would not be able to restore their posts but the Court can only manage according to the text of the Iraqi constitution. The Federal Court will be able to make the decision that it is the right of the Iraqi President to keep or eliminate one or more posts of Vice-President. The Court will not give any decision regarding the request. This issue is still pending because there is a heavy public pressure on the Chief Justice of Federal Court Medhat Al Mahmood regarding reforms package.

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