ISIS is becoming stronger in Mosul: Kurd Peshmerga


ISIS is becoming stronger in Mosul: Kurd Peshmerga:- The history will never forget the destruction of Mosul by ISIS militants. The city was completely ruined by these militants.

The roads, streets, homes, commercial and governmental properties all were looted by these militants two years back and still the situation is not satisfactory. ISIS has complete control over city two years back but now the situation is little different. The things are not changed much but the situation is better than before. Today, Mosul is not completely under the control of these militants. The security agencies and Allied Forces are playing vital role to regain the control of city from these militants. A terrible encounter between militants and security forces is seen in the city for last couple of months.

However, the Kurdish Peshmerga is not satisfied with the recent efforts made by security agencies and US forces to regain Mosul from militants. He believes that the number of ISIS militants is continually increasing in the city and they are becoming stronger with the every passing day. This is so serious matter for Iraq and its security agencies.

According to peshmerga, the security agencies are unable to control the external movements of these militants that are the major source of their strength in the city. The fresh groups of militants are entering in city with the every passing day and becoming a challenge for the security agencies. The ISIS is not only stronger externally but they are equally strong internally. They are getting better support from internal source. He said the internal support is too much alarming because more ISIS agents are coming on the roads of Mosul.

ISIS in in Mosul

Though Iraq security forces have gathered some good achievements but they are not enough. They are still so strong and influential in the city. It is admitted fact that the number of militants in the Mosul is decreasing with the massive killing by security agencies but still they are growing in numbers. They are controlling the media of the Mosul to send messages to the other people in the world. They are using internet especially YouTube to send their messages to the other militants and prospective ISIS members.

Keep in the consideration that members of ISIS are not only coming from poor or developing countries. Most of these militants are coming from developed countries and most of them are educated and from noble families. The ISIS militants looted the banks; insurance companies are many other financial institutes when they attacked the country and city especially. The government will have to design a better strategy to overcome this crisis. You know the air strikes of USA are also proved useless.

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