ISIS to Target Energy Infrastructure of Kurdistan


The northern Iraq is under attack by militants of ISIS for last couple of months. Before this, the northern areas of the country were no t on the hit list of the militants. Three regions of Iraq are looking under the war strategies of militants these days. The most affected areas of Iraq include Baghdad, Kurdistan and Mosul.

The Kurdistan Regional Government was considered as safer region than the Baghdad and other cities of Iraq. Now the militants of ISIS are targeting the energy infrastructure of the Kurdistan with the proper planning. The sudden change in their war strategy is the MOU signed by Kurdistan government with the US security forces to construct five military bases in the different cities of Kurdistan. Peshmerga, the security forces of Kurdistan are already fighting with the ISIS since its origin. It is reported that attacks on Peshmerga are increased in last couple weeks because of the possible MOU between two governments.

Yesterday, two major attacks were seen on the energy infrastructure of Kurdistan by ISIS militants. The first attack was reported on AB2 gas compression station. Four militants attacked the station and killed four employees working there. When the security forces came into action, the militants escape in the forest and then occupied the Bai Hassan Oil Station 25km north of the gas compression station. The Bai Hassan Oil Station pumps 55000 bpd. It plays major part in the economic development of the country.


The oil station was badly damaged by the militants and it is un-functional now. According to media reports, engineer was killed in this attack and some were injured. The security forces of Kurdistan killed all four militants and freed the hostages on the oil station. The engineers believe that it will take several days for Bai Hassan Oil Station to re-functional after this massive destruction.

ISIS has warned a series of attacks on the Kirkuk oil fields of Kurdistan in their recent statement. The military relationships between Kurdistan and United States of America are frustrating for militants in the region. They want to decrease the military power of the region by destroying this MOU between USA and Kurdistan. Kirkuk is the economical hub of the Kurdistan. It is the oil rich city of the Kurdistan and plays vital role in the total GDP of the Kurdistan. Targeting the Kirkuk is targeting the economy of Kurdistan.

The region understands these facts very well. Therefore; it is preparing to encounter such elements with iron hands. Kurdistan is buying latest war equipment from United States of America to defeat ISIS from its borders. We are expecting some dramatic changes in the region after some days.

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