ISIS to Transfer its Important Data to Syria


ISIS is getting ready for the expected grand military operation on Mosul by government controlled security forces with the help of international coalition forces. The terrorist’s organization is also working to manage the things accordingly. This is one of the most secrete leaks of militants that they are transferring their important stuff from Mosul to Syria because of expected threats of operation.

There are so many rumors about city they select to safe their stuff in Syria. The most trusted sources tell that stuff will be transferred to Al-Riqqa city of Syria. The city is considered one of the most secured destinations of the militants and they think their stuff will remain safe in this city. When the experts predict a city to transfer the stuff of the militants from Mosul to Syria they analyze the influence of the militants in the city where they are looking to safe their stuff.

It is expected that stuff include the computers and important files and the data of the member militants of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. You can understand the importance of this data for militants and for security forces as well. If the security forces could control this data, they find out the militants walking in their cities without fear. The war against ISIS is difficult because no one know about exact enemies. If they find this data, the recognition of militants will not be a problem for security forces.


The militants also understand the importance and the sensitivity of this data. Therefore; they are taking extreme care to transfer the data from one country to another without any problem. The security forces of Iraq are still not the perfect control of the militants. They are unable to control the free movement at the borders of Iraq and Syria.

It is also said that the media cell of ISIS is also transferred to this Syrian city. Now all of the promotional activities will be controlled from this city without any hesitation. The situation in the Mosul is so critical for militants. The main operational headquarters are turned into secrete rooms to avoid air strikes. They are selling their occupied properties in Mosul to the other people at cheapest possible rates. All of these things show that they are retreating to the any other city of Syria or Libya.

The common opinion tells that militants will not leave the city without fighting. The security forces will have to fight too hard to regain the control of the city. If they ever leaved the city, they will not move to Libya because of insufficient arrangements. It is strongly believe they will move to the Syria and security forces will have to plan for it.

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