It is the time to declare our Independent Kurdish State: Barzani



The President of Kurdistan Masoud Barzani called the leaders of all countries in the world.

He stressed that there should be a new agreement prologue to open the new dimensions for a Kurdish state. He further added in his press interview to a British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ that all the countries in the world have started to accept that Syria and Iraq would not become a unified states in the near future due to poor security situation for the past couple of years. They will not be able to manage their resources for a long time. He further said to British newspaper that if the current political map of the region remains same then it would bring more disintegration and more destruction in the entire region. He stressed that independence of the Kurdistan province in necessary.

He further explained that people of the Kurdistan region are demanding independence for decades. But, some of our neighboring countries were not accepting Kurdish independence. Now it has become most important that Kurdistan State to declare its independence, and we will. It is important that Kurdistan region doesn’t have any kind of threat from its neighboring countries. He also confirmed that Kurdistan state has proved stability in the region since last 15 years. He added that we need a fair division and we have proved unity of a democratic Iraq. He said that we negotiated with Baghdad in 1991 and with those elements who were responsible for the Kurds bombing criminals and they campaigned against the Kurdish people. But, now we are demanding our independent Kurdish State.

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