Iyad Jamal al-Din: The demands of the rule of Islam donkeys led by demons!


BAGHDAD (Reuters) – On Thursday, Iraqi cleric and politician Iyad Jamal al-Din blasted a heavy-caliber bomb on those demanding Islam, calling them “donkeys led by demons.”

“In 2003, I was invited to a cup of coffee by Prince Hassan bin Talal in his home. I wish I would use the term civil instead of secular because people hate secularism,” Jamal al-Din wrote on his Facebook page.

“I told him I’ve been writing vertical poetry since I was 11,” he said. “I have a new term for secularism.

“We are in a war with political Islam, and war starts from concepts to terminology to the street. The most distorted concepts and terms are the concept of secularism and the term secularism, until secularism is synonymous with disbelief. In my estimation, the defeat of political Islam begins to reverse the concept of secularism “He said.

He continued: “Today I say secularism is humanity. The Islamic rule is a Sunni Shiite. It is the brutal, inhumane, racist, despicable regime. Those who reject secularism and demand a legitimate Islamic rule are one of two demon imposters or a donkey.

He concluded by saying that “those who claim the rule of Islam are donkeys led by devils,” according to his opinion!


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