Japan to give $7 Million as Humanitarian Aid for Iraq


The crisis in Iraq is huge as compare to aid available to fight against such crisis. The displacement within country is so alarming. Over 3.3 million people are displaced from their homes in Iraq. The humanitarian assistant is bitterly required especially for children in the camps.

UNO and many other international institutes are trying to help Iraq according to their available resources. Looking at the crisis, the aids provided by these institutes are no enough to handle the critical situation of Iraq. That’s the reason; Iraq has appealed the other countries of the world to assist Iraq in this difficult situation. Number of countries is planning to assist Iraq by the financial aids in 2016.

After looking the present conditions of Iraq, Japan decided to assist Iraq in its humanitarian needs. Japan decided to pay $7 million grant to Iraq with the coordination of UNICEF. The aid will be used to provide pure drinking water, education for children, camps and sanitation system. The grant will be used to build fabricated temporary schools in Iraq for internally displaced people. The total number of fabricated schools will be 40 according to UNICEF directory that will be increased with the passage of time.

Financial Aid to Iraq

The grant will be used within 12 months as per agreement. The health facilities and children protection programs are included in this grant. Al Anbar is one of the most affected provinces of Iraq by the recent military encounters between Iraq security forces and militants. The grant is allowed after the appeal of Al Anbar province chief minister on national TV of Iraq and a press release in the print media. Japan is the first country to respond against the appeal of this province.

Peter Hawkins, the director of UNICEF in Iraq announced that the organization is struggling hard to meet the humanitarian needs of children and adults as well. The director pronounced that the expansion program will remain in practice with the passage of time as the other countries of the world provide more aids to continue this mission. He said the situation in Iraq is not bad but worst.

The ground realities are more painful than shown in the media. The UNICEF director also appealed the world to assist Iraq in this critical situation. According to UNICEF, the total number of internally displaced people in Iraq is 10 million. These people needs medicines, clothes, clean water to drink, food and shelter in the first stage. In the second stage, they need education for their children and protection as well. All of these tasks are difficult to handle in the available funds. World will have to come forward to assist Iraq in this critical situation.

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