Kathleen Willey has started campaign against Hillary Clinton


Our authentic sources informed that the woman blamed sexual harassment on the former U.S President Bill Clinton, now confirmed his work with the anti-political group against Bill Clinton’s with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary is the Presidential candidate and the anti-political group is allegedly formed by the Republican candidate Donald Trump. But, it is important that Kathleen Willey has made an agreement with the group formed by Roger Stone. Willey is a former volunteer at the White House. She blamed that former U.S President Bill Clinton harassed her in 1993 in his Oval Office. She said that she came to his office for asking a paid job.

Roger Stone also said that Republican party has made an strategy that if the Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination in the contest of presidential race of 2016 then this group would start its activity against Hillary Clinton. Willey further said that this opportunity would provide me a chance to deliver message to U.S young voters who don’t remember that what happened with me and with women who suffered. She also added that she has received a number of letters to appear in political advertisement and to conduct interviews to deliver those elements in the political live debates during the election campaign. Some of them said that they have reached at oral agreement for the political debate with Hillary. It is important that at least 65 percent of Democrats and 45 percent of Republicans believe that there is not a big difference in the Bill Clinton’s past and current presidential race.

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