Kidnapped Son of late Libyan dictator Kadhafi freed on Friday Night


Son of Libyan Leader Kadhafi

The high-living businessman (son of late Libyan dictator) Hannibal Kadhafi was released on Friday night.

According to the security forces, he was kidnapped in Lebanon by an unknown group and freed after several hours. But the Lebanese police took him into custody for further questioning when he freed by an unknown armed group. It was not specified that where Hannibal was released by rebel group. Another security source indicated that Hannibal Kadhafi was kidnapped by an unknown armed group in the area of Bekaa when he was travelling from Syria and after several hours he was released in the same region on Friday night.

Bekaa has been considered the stronghold area of Shiite Hezbollah movement at the east of Lebanon. According to the Lebanon National News Agency, Hannibal Kadhafi was kidnapped and kidnappers were demanding him about the information of Mussa Al-Sadr, he was a Shiite leader of Lebanon and went missing in 1978 from Beirut. Most of the Lebanese Shiite authorities blamed that Kadhafi and his family was involved in the disappearance of their Shiite leader Mussa Al-Sadr. A former Libyan representative in the Arab League Abdul Moneem Al-Honi informed in 2011 to the Arab newspaper Al-Hayat that Mussa Al-Sadr has been killed during his visit to Libya and he was buried in the southern area of Sabah in Libya.

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