Kirkuk to become an Independent Region Next 10 Years


Kirkuk is the province under the dispute for years. Kirkuk is the province of Kurdistan along with two other claims of possession from Arabs and Turkmen. These three nations are fighting for the possession for years and unable to find any solution for this province. With the continuous fighting and killing among three nations, a solution proposal is made to make Kirkuk as independent region with the three owners of that area; Turk, Arab and Kurd. The major challenge for Iraqi government is to make power distribution among three different nations. One formula that is so viral these days is to make Kurd people as executive nation for this province. Turkmen are suggested to be the president of the province and Arabs as speaker of parliament.

The people who want to see peace in the region are appreciating the formula by Iraq government. People say at least a formula is presented by a nation to resolve this dispute. Kirkuk is an oil rich province that definitely attracts every one. Turkmen are people that are not ready to compromise on anything. They believe they are the true owner of this province and the Kirkuk is their identity. According to recent reports, the Turkmen are supporting the proposal and ready to share the power.

The Iraq people and parliamentarians believe that this proposal must be discussed in the parliament and an open discussion should be made on this issue. This is one of the most important and sensitive issues that need extra care to reach on the final decision. The experts believe that before taking this issue to the parliament, the council must wait for the opinion of other two parties. The Arabs and Kurds still have not given any opinion about this proposal.


One must keep in the consideration that there are three major parties of Turkmen in the region and all need to be agreed on the proposal. Unfortunately three are not ready for the proposal. Two parties are agreeing and one still not agrees and rejected the proposal. The Turkmeneli Party and Turkmen Front are in the favor of this proposal but Turkmen People’s Party has rejected the proposal. Qassam Hamza the member of Iraqi Turkmen Front said that the same proposal was made by our party in 2006 and the recent proposal is backed by our proposal. He said our party will support this proposal at all level and at all forums.

Contrary to this the Turkmen People’s Party claims that the whole province is our own and none of the other person is our partner. They will not allow any other nation to share it resource and its power as well.

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