Kurdish Delegation to arrive in Baghdad to discuss Major Issues



An official delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government would arrive in Baghdad to discuss the pending files and other issues between Iraq and Kurdistan.

The MP of the Kurdistan Alliance Ares Abdullah issued a statement that an official delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government has planned to arrive in Baghdad on Wednesday to discuss all the major issues that are generating tensions between Kurdistan and Iraqi federal government. He further added that we hope that both parties would sign a number of agreements about all major issues to resolve the problems. He also indicated that oil and gas law will be at the priority in the discussion between both parties.

He also added that a meeting took place among three presidencies, leaders of governmental political parties and leaders of all political blocs on Thursday in order to provide suitable environment for the meeting between Kurdistan Regional Government and Iraqi Federal Government. The expected meeting between both parties has its own importance in the current situation because Iraqi federal government and Kurdistan are fighting against terrorism and expending most of their money to defeat Daash organization and other militant groups in the region. All the political parties and political blocs are much hopeful that both parties will be agreed to resolve the issues between Iraq and Kurdistan region.

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