Kurdish Member of Iraq Parliament is Asked to Leave Baghdad


Kurdish Member of Iraq Parliament is Asked to Leave Baghdad:- The security forces of Iraq are trying to control the situation in Iraq. Some of the worst bomb blasting is seen in last two weeks. The Kurd parliaments are always on the hit list of ISIS militants in Iraq and Kurdistan as well.

The Kurdish Peshmerga is fighting on different areas against ISIS militants. Looking at present situation of Baghdad, the security chief of Kurdistan has asked Kurd parliamentarians to leave Baghdad immediately. The intelligence sources confirmed that militants are planning to target Kurdish members near parliament or in the streets of Baghdad. The order was remained secrete but some parliamentarians in Baghdad revealed the truth that the situation is so alarming.

They confirmed that the orders were given by the security agencies of Kurdistan with the intelligence sharing with Iraq security forces. During this period, the Shiite militants will enhance the security in Baghdad to control the situation. The security around Iraq parliament is almost double now because of expected attacks of ISIS militants on Kurdish members. However, sources also indicate that some Kurd members have refused to go back to Kurdistan and they are willing to participate in the parliament session without any fear. Most of the parliamentarians are committed and they are not ready to go back for the fear of militants.


They believe, it will destroy their determination and their nation will disappoint. They will have to be brave and they need to send a clear message to the militants they are not worried about anything. One of them said, he represent a brave nation and will not afraid of such things. Most of Kurd Parliamentarians are under serious threats of attacks by militants.

You can also see many encounters between Kurd Peshmerga and the militants on many social media sites and on YouTube as well. The militants are trying to take control on oil fields in Kurdistan. Oil is the back bone of Kurdish and Iraq economy as well and they want to attack their backbone. If the militants would control the oil fields, they will be able to control the economy of Iraq and Kurdistan. In the beginning, the militants were trying to join hands with Kurdistan and Kurd militants to attack Baghdad but they found different results beyond their expectations.

Kurdistan and Baghdad are under the conflict of oil export for years and their relationships remained unpleasant in the last couple of years. It was the thing that militants wanted to enjoy. Instead of joining hands with ISIS militants in Kurdistan, the Kurd Peshmerga started war against these militants and asked them to leave their territory. That’s why everyone in Kurdistan is under the threats these days.

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