Kurdish MPs & Ministers ended boycott and attended session of Cabinet


A governmental source informed about the recommencement of the Kurds Ministers in order to participate the sessions of the Iraqi cabinet. They were absent due to the incident of storming the Iraqi Parliament building.

The source added in a press interview that Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, the Minister of Culture Faryad Roandozi and the Minister of Immigration Muhammad Jassim belong to the Kurdistan Alliance. They all attended the cabinet meeting session held on Tuesday. The Kurds MPs and Minister have recently made decision to not participate in the session of the Iraqi House of Representatives. The Kurds Ministers made this decision after the incident took place in the month of April as demonstrators entered into the Iraqi Green Zone and Iraqi Parliament building.


Point to be noted that demonstrators also attacked on a number of Kurds MPs inside the building of Iraqi Parliament. It is important that demonstrators break the Green Zone and entered in the General Secretariat Building of the Iraqi Council of Ministers and the Director Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister. The Iraqi Security forces took charge of the buildings and protected the Green Zone by firing live rounds and rubber bullets to control the situation. The Iraqi security forces also used tear gas to disperse those protesters and pushed them out from the entire secure region. Haider Al-Abadi ordered on 21st May 2016 and called Iraqi Security forces to take all essential steps in order to secure Baghdad. He further said that storming on the state institutions will not be accepted.

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