Kurdish President ordered the arrest for Director Central Bank for corruption of $20 million


Our authentic source informed that Kurdish government issued an order to arrest five Kurdish officials in the Directorate of Immigration and Displacement.

This arrest order was issued due to corruption discovered in Erbil and Sulemaniyah in the distribution of more than 20 million U.S dollars issued for the displaced people in the Kurdistan region. The source added in a press statement that arrest orders were issued by the President of Kurdistan region Masood Marzani issued the arrest orders for five Kurdish officials of the Directorate of Migration and Displaced, four arrest orders for the officials in Sulemaniyah and one for the Erbil.

Kurdish President Barzani

The source further indicated that the arrest orders issued for the officials in the Migration & Displacement because the Kurdish regional government discovered corruption in the funds. Those funds were allocated last year for displaced families by the government to distribute funds for Kurdish Syrian refugees and this amount was estimated at more than 20 million U.S dollars. The source indicated that Kurdish President ordered to arrest the Director & a deputy of Central Bank. He added that others are a group of bank managers involved in the corruption in the Kurdistan region due to transferring funds illegally. This order was issued after presented a report to the Kurdish President by the integrity committee of Kurdistan region.

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