Last Statement of Ahmed Chalabi before his Death


Ahmed Chalabi

On Tuesday, a famous leader of Iraqi National Congress Ahmed Chalabi has died early in the morning. Chalabi said in his last statement that the administration is the key element in the state policy but unfortunately it doesn’t exist, due to this reason we experienced failure.

He explained that at the time of his joining the Baghdad secretariat the management didn’t know anything. They just trusted on the managers and secretariat workers for getting tips and he should admit guilt for the cancellation of this post. He added that my question was reasonable about asking the reasons for the payment to Baghdad Municipality of more than 7.3 billion Iraqi dinars to Al Asadi with knowing the full name of contractor. The payment was delivered in the year 2013, but I really don’t know why they paid this amount to Al Asadi because his company didn’t achieve the targets in the specific amount of time due to rain. His company was moving slowly and there were many undergoing projects including the military channel projects.

The head of the Iraqi National Congress Ahmed Chalabi passed away on Tuesday early in the morning at his home in Khadmiya north of Baghdad. He was 70 years old and expired by a severe heart attack. Chalabi was considered as one of the well-known Iraqi politicians for fighting against the Saddam Hussein government. He was a businessman and joined Iraqi government after his father Abdel Hadi Chalabi who was trade minister of the state. Ahmed Chalabi has served after getting membership in 2003 for the Governing Council of Iraq and it was formed in 2004. He also served as the President of the Council. Now he filed for the post of Chairman of the Committee in the previous parliamentary session.

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