Legal attacks Iyad Allawi: Interference with foreign relations is not your powers


The legal expert accused Tariq Harb, Monday, Vice President Iyad Allawi of “violating” the policy of the state and “preference” of his personal interest in the interest of Iraq, stressing that it is not right Allawi to intervene in foreign relations. “The media published yesterday two non-identical statements on the Saudi-Qatari dispute, the first is the statement of the prime minister, and the second is the statement by Vice President Iyad Allawi, in one case, the Saudi-Qatari dispute,” Harb said in a statement received by Iraqi Reporter. “The constitution, law and order give legitimacy and legitimacy to the prime minister’s authorization. Article (78) of the constitution considered the prime minister directly responsible for the general policy of the state.”

“The state has executive authority, a republic presidency, a prime minister, a parliament, and all the Iraqi state. The relations it establishes with other countries are considered by the constitution to be given by any other government figure or part of it, as president of the general policy of the state, Deputies “. He pointed out that “the position of the Prime Minister and his dealings and policies with the states of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are enforceable and depend on them constitutionally and legally, especially since the system of government is a parliamentary system in accordance with the first article of the Constitution which has powers and powers and competencies of the Prime Minister and not a presidential system to be authorities to the President and Vice- .

“The Constitution did not grant the Vice President of the Republic any authority or authority, and this is confirmed by Article V of the law of the Vice-Presidents of the Republic No. (1) for 2011, which decided that the Vice President exercised the powers conferred upon him by the President of the Republic.” He stressed that “this power of the Prime Minister constitutionally, the President of the Republic may not grant him this power because he does not have this power to be empowered and the same is repeated in Regulation No. (1) Of 2015, which specified Article IV of the powers of Vice President of the Republic of the functions and duties determined by the President of the Republic? “If the Vice President has shown in Egypt his hostility to Qatar and his proximity to Saudi Arabia, it violates the Prime Minister’s policy to stand one distance from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, because the interest of the country is achieved not to enter into a state of hostility to any state.

” He called on war to act “one criterion between these two countries and the interest of Iraq and not the interest of Saudi Arabia or the interest of Qatar, because Iraq needs the friendship of all countries and peoples and not to enter into disputes of any state.” He pointed out that “Iraq has to achieve its interests first and not the interest of Saudi Arabia or Qatar, so the dependent on the position of the Prime Minister and consider what the Vice President of the Republic is not counted by law and Constitution, as good as determined by the Prime Minister and not any other party as long as the Constitution with the Prime Minister”.

Vice President Iyad Allawi was accused at a press conference at the end of his visit to Cairo, Qatar, to adopt a project to divide Iraq, intervene in the Palestinian “schism” and encourage extremist forces in “attacks” on Egypt.

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