Liberal Bloc of National Alliance allowed 45 days to Abadi for Reforms


A deputy from the Liberal bloc within the National Alliance in the Iraqi Parliament declared that Liberal bloc is allowing the final chance to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi for quick implementation of reforms.

The deputy Awad Al-Awad said in a statement that our Liberal bloc doesn’t need to get ahead of events and to take any immediate action. We are giving last chance of 45 days to Haider Al-Abadi in order to appoint technocrats and resolve the issues for the appointment of different bodies, such as head of Iraqi armed forces, Army Chief of Staff and the selection of the Governor of Iraqi Central Bank. He pointed out that these are some of the major issues and we know that these issues would take a considerable amount of time, so we have given him sufficient amount of time.

Al-Awad further added that Iraqi Prime Minister randomly said about changes and reforms, and it is considered a positive step as defined the people for the next reforms. He pointed out that a special independent committee will be formed including most perfect personalities from Judiciary, Academic and political groups. This committee will deal with reforms and it will be responsible for selection and submission of governmental reforms program. This committee will be accountable to update the Iraqi House of Representatives regarding the transparent and perfect implementation and submit results in the Iraqi Parliament. Muqtada Al-Sadr also said on 13th February 2016 that Iraqi government should form a cabinet of specialists and involve all Iraqi political parties in this process.

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