Liberal Party confirmed Vote of No-Confidence on government after 45 days


The Iraqi Parliamentary Liberal Bloc has confirmed that if Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi fails to reform then they will withdraw from the Iraqi government after the dead-line of 45 days.

The MP of the Parliamentary Liberal Bloc Abdul Aziz said that all the former Iraqi governments and the current Iraqi government didn’t meet fulfill the demands of Iraqi people. He added that current Iraqi situation reflected very badly on Iraqi people and decreased the vision in the reform process by the Iraqi government. He said that all kinds of permissions and powers granted to the Iraqi Prime Minster Haider Al-Abadi. He said that the leaders of Dawa Party to be considered as responsible for administering the country to manage entire tasks.

He pointed out that it seems that Iraqi Prime Minister likes working alone and without waiting for collecting suggestions from any Iraqi political bloc. He also stressed that Iraqi Prime Minister will not be able to make changes in its current cabinet of ministers and it will remain the same in the coming period of time. He added that the presence of political quota system will keep a majority of political influence in the cabinet of Iraqi government. He also confirmed that Iraqi Parliamentary Liberal Bloc will withdraw its vote of confidence from the government of Al-Abadi for not implementing reforms especially a massive change in the current Iraqi cabinet of ministers within 45 days. Point to be noted that this deadline of 45 days was granted by Muqtada Al-Sadr to Abadi government.

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