Life of the Peshmerga on the Frontline of Iraq


The Kurdistan special forces Peshmerga is always guard against ISIS from Kirkuk to Mosul at Northern of Iraq. They are getting ready to regain the control of the Mosul from ISIS fighters. The progress of the war is slow but steady because of several reasons.

The soldiers at the frontline want to march faster towards Mosul to vanish the militants as soon as possible but they are waiting for the orders of higher command to launch operation. There are many villages and towns that are taken under the control of government but still they are not habitable. A front line officer said those villages are now the mine field and need clearance from security forces of Iraq. They cannot take risk to send back the residence without clearance of the villages.

He further said the militants destroy each and every thing before they retreat from an area. They destroy schools, hospitals, clean drinking water and homes before leaving an area. The famous example is the Tigris River that is polluted by ISIS militants by the crude oil. Now it is not even safe for animals to drink water from it. Because of severe shortage of clean drinking water, some of the people in Iraq were forced to drink water from canal and rivers to live.

This is the big challenge for security forces to rehabilitate the internally displaced people in their homes. They have destroyed the complete infrastructure of every village and every city they pass. They are the worst animals than the humans. The security forces of Iraq and Kurdistan are backed by coalition forces led by US forces even then they are making a very slow progress because of the threats of stranded people in Mosul and nearby villages. The militants are not allowing them to leave the region as a cover against security forces.


The life on the frontline is so hard. The soldiers have been guarded all the time keeping eagle eye on the border. They cannot take risk to be relaxed in watching TV or talking each other on the frontline. They remain active and they even don’t talk with each other during their duty time. However, after their duty they are free to watch TV and even play games with the other soldiers on the border.

One of the soldier on the frontline said they have to keep close eye on the front because many people are escaping from ISIS and leaving for Kurdistan to take refugee. They cannot fire unless they are fully conform the people are IDPs or the ISIS militants. He further said it is so confusing war as they are unable to defecate in the enemy and friend.

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