Major decisions in today’s meeting of Iraqi Council of Ministers


On Tuesday, the Iraqi Council of Minister conducted its regular full quorum session with the presence of suspended ministers. This session was specifically arranged and Kurdish suspended ministers participated in this session due to impact of a dispute on the Iraqi protesters.

The Iraqi protesters attacked on the Iraqi Parliament and beat some of the Kurdish senior officials on 30th April 2016. A statement issued by the Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister. The statement indicated that meeting held under the chairmanship of Haider Al-Abadi and a number of Kurdish Ministers participated in this meeting including Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, the Minister of Displacement & Migration and the Minister of Tourism & Culture.

Iraqi Council of Ministers

Point to be noted that Iraqi Cabinet approved a set of decisions and now it will wait until the approval of the Board. It has approved that there will be a memorandum of understanding between the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Iraq and the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Tunisia on the dispensation of diplomatic passport holders & service visa. The recommendations of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been approved by the Board according to the provision of Article number 26 of Foreign Service Law 2008 about opening the Consulate of Netherlands in the Basra Province. It would allow the Republic of Iraq in getting right to open Iraqi honorary consulate in the future in the Netherlands.

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