Major Steps have been taken by Iraqi government to secure Iraqi assets


Our reliable source informed that one of the senior Iraqi security official confirmed that a large number of special trained Iraqi security forces have been deployed in the Central Bank of Iraq, Rasheed bank and Rafidain bank due to expected attacks by unknown groups.

The source further indicated that Iraqi interior minister has taken a number of security measures in order to secure the buildings inside the Green Zone in Baghdad. He added that these security measures were essential due to possible violence in the Iraqi most sensitive areas to protect government buildings and other important Iraqi assets. Iraqi government had warned that every possible step will be taken to secure the Green Zone because there are a number of government buildings and foreign embassies are located in this area.

Banks in Green Zone

The source also confirmed that all Iraqi law and enforcement agencies are committed to protect Iraqi assets and Iraqi governmental institutions. The Iraqi government had given special permissions to Iraqi security forces to protect Iraqi Central Bank, Rafidain bank, Rasheed Bank and most of the governmental institutions due to possible attacks by protesters. The source pointed out that a large number of demonstrators are ready to enter in the Green Zone and the angry protesters plagued the headquarters of Iraqi ministries including the ministry offices of Higher Education, culture, Housing and Iraqi ministry of Finance that are located inside the Green Zone. But, the Iraqi government had warned protesters not to enter inside the Green Zone in the capital Baghdad.

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