Maliki has filed a new Accusation against his Dismissal



The former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki has not yet satisfied by the judgment of his removal from the Iraqi Vice President post; he was dismissed by the current Iraqi Prime Minister by implementing the reform package and after opening new corruption scandals during Maliki’s government period.

Nuri Al Maliki met with the special Representative of the UN Secretary General Jan Kubis, few days ago in his office. Maliki stressed that he will challenge the decision of Al Abadi for his removal from Vice President Post.

According to some authentic news, Maliki has filed a accusation in which he challenged the assessment of his removel. The termination of three posts including the post of Iraqi Vice President Nuri Al Maliki, Iyad Allawi and Osama Najafi were removed according to the first phase for implementation of reform package.

Most of the experts predicted that Maliki can get back his post but corruption files of the previous government showing that Maliki would face judicial trial in those cases. Al Maliki is struggling very hard to return in the Iraqi political system but corruption scandals occurred during 2006 to 2014 is the most important and major issues connected with the former Iraqi Prime Minister.

A member of the Iraqi parliament Integrity Committee Nuri Al Adel issued a statement that a couple of days ago major corruption scandal of purchasing contracts of Serbian aircraft has been disclosed in a media report. Nuri Al Adel is deputy in the Iraqi parliament and he is from Islamic Union Party of Kurdistan.

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