Maliki’s coalition reveals the goal of holding a “conference of the year” in Baghdad


The deputy of the coalition of state law, Ferdos Al-Awadi, said Monday that the aim of the “conference of the year” to be held mid-month is to obtain international financial support and not discuss the post-stage as advocated by its organizers.

“The preparation of this conference revealed that it is not to discuss the future of the year, but to open the Sunni arena to external interference, especially from the countries that were the sponsors of Daish, who was occupying the Sunni areas before being expelled by the security forces and the popular crowd of heroes,” al-Awadi said in a statement received by Sky Press. “He said.

“Although the government has announced that it will not interfere with the work of the judiciary in terms of news that confirmed the participation of figures accused of terrorism, such as martyrs Khamis Al-Khanjar and Rafa al-Issawi and Ethel Nujaifi, but this announcement was denied by Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, where he said in an interview that the Prime Minister promised him to provide all facilities for personalities Judicially required to participate in the conference.”

Al-Awadi explained that “the signs of differences between the Sunni leaders have emerged on the convening of the conference and its place, which indicates a negative situation,” the government’s demand, “to verify news and accusations among the Sunni leaders, especially accusations that indicated to a number of parties and Sunni blocs obtained regional financial support from Turkey Or Saudi Arabia or others.”

“These countries cannot give support unless the party or the subsidized bloc will work for it and carry out its agenda inside Iraq,” she said.

The newspaper “New Arab” published in London on Monday, a sharp tension within the coalition of Iraqi forces may threaten the withdrawal of parties from them, and the cause of tension due to disagreement over the mechanism of the distribution of $ 140 million provided by Saudi Arabia to these forces, most notably the Islamic Party of Iraq.

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