Many Young Politicians and Technocrats are expected in Abadi’s New Cabinet


The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi said that new changed cabinet will be able to work for the reforms.  It is important that Iraqi House of Representatives hosted a meeting on Saturday to discuss the supposed change in the cabinet of ministers

and the Iraqi Prime Minister delivered his explanations to change in the current cabinet. Al-Abadi earlier said at the first conference to increase the numbers of youth. He added that this change is not against any specific person or party, but this change is essential to move the reforms implementation process. We need an honest and dedicated team for this major objective. He also rejected in making use of fighters for political objectives.

He pointed out that our security forces and fighters are fighting for their homeland, but not fighting against any political bloc. He said that a number of elements are trying progression between Iraqi people and State. Many are trying to stop reforms by misrepresenting with their campaign. Al-Abadi stressed that we should make a combine move and fight against financial criminals and groups. They are not different from Daash and other terrorists because they are Daash is fighting to create security situation and Financial gangs are destroying economic condition in the country. He pointed out that financial corrupt are imposing a media war against Iraqi government using channels and various social media websites. They know that we will get them and put them into judicial trial and jail. He added that our youth are the hope for the nation in order to rebuild their country.

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