Marshes Heritage is the Part of World Heritage: Amar


UNESCO welcomed the efforts made by British politician to make Marshes as the part of world heritage. The British Politician made efforts for twenty years to make Marshes the part of World Heritage site and finally he win. UNESCO had to accept the reasons provided by politician to accept this site as world heritage and now it is the part of UNESCO.

The Baroness Nicholson the British politician started her efforts to make the site as world heritage when Saddam and his army destroyed the whole region. Thousands of people were killed, arrested and thousands of them were migrated to nearby countries as refugees. The region was known as Biblical Garden of Eden by its rich history that army destroyed completely and shed the blood of innocents.

The region remained abundant for years and no one dare to live in because of Saddam fear. After the death of Saddam, some people independently decided to restore the Marshes to its older time but could not. The efforts made by people were too small and the work was too large. The people who lived in the region were known as Marshes. The Marshes were the people who stood against the dictatorship of Saddam in the region and therefore they were killed by his army. They killed the civilian and burnt their homes and asked remaining people to migrate to the other countries if they want to live.

Marshes Heritage of Iraq

Some of the Marshes still live in Iran and all of them have painful stories to tell. You will not be able to stop your tears once you hear them for just few minutes, said Baroness Nicholson. The lady runs a charity NGO in the country for years named as AMAR International Charitable Foundation. It was the efforts of this organization that UNESCO accepted this region as world heritage. Being a part of world heritage is not an ordinary thing. It is great honor for a region to be the part of world heritage.

The AMAR International Charitable Foundation works for internally displaced people of Iraq. The NGO raises funds within and outside the country to support these displaced people in their humanitarian needs. They need food, clean drinking water, education for their children and a shelter. All of these tasks are so alarming and Iraqi people need help.

Baroness believes that she alone cannot handle this situation; the world will have to take part in the reconstruction of the country and to provide them basic needs of life. Contrary to this, the world will have to be ready for another ISIS group. People will not bear their loved ones to die of hunger and lack of medicines.

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