Masoum strongly condemns the killing of Karrar Nushi


On Tuesday, The Presidency of the Republic condemned the killing of a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts Karrar Nushi, calling on the security authorities to investigate the matter and arrest the perpetrators. He exclaimed;

“We strongly condemn the murder of Karrar Nushi, a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts, after he was abducted two days ago by unknown persons and dismissed under mysterious circumstances,” the presidential press office said in a statement received by Sky Press.

“The commission of such crimes is reminiscent of the law of the jungle and harms the reputation of the country,” he said.

“The perpetrators deserve the most condemnation and fair punishment in accordance with the law.”

The press office of the presidency called on “the security forces to immediately investigate the matter and arrest the perpetrators to bring them to justice.”

Security sources said Monday that the playwright, Karrar Noshi, was killed two days after his abduction. His body was found dumped on Palestine Street in Baghdad.

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