Militants Attack on Kirkuk Oil Field


The militants of ISIS attacked the famous oil field of Kirkuk few hours ago and made hostage four employees of the oil company on the oil well. Kirkuk is the city well known for its oil attraction and militants always look to attack and capture the territory.

After breaking the news in the media the security forces of Kurdistan Peshmerga surrounded the area and started operation against militants to get the hostage free. The major concern of the security forces was to free the hostages and then anything else. According to recent CNN reports, the 4 militants attacked the oil well and hostage 4 employees working on the well in the Sunday morning. The news first was break by Iraqi North Oil Company that its four employees are in the hostage of ISIS militants.

The area where this oil company is operating is known as Bai Hassan Oil Fields in the Kirkuk. According the reports, the militants were wearing suicide jackets with the latest machine guns. The Peshmerga of Kurdistan responded quickly and attacked the ISIS militants in the Kirkuk oil fields by surrounding the area. The fire was exchange among militants and security forces for an hour and they warned security forces that they will kill hostages if they were attacked by security forces.


The strategy of Peshmerga was outstanding. They were attacking the ISIS militants from four sides and engaged them in the fire exchange for some time. After some time, one of the attackers blew up him and other was killed by the security forces of Kurdistan. The Amaq News Agency circulated this attack news on the internet and other social media platforms. It also took responsibility of attack and warned a series of attacks on the Kirkuk in the coming days.

This is second attack in Kirkuk region of Kurdistan in the same month. The previous attack was more deadly and it was conducted on the gas compression facility of the company operating in the region. The experts believe this is the reaction of the Kurdistan and USA recently signed MOU for military cooperation. According to this MOU, Kurdistan will allow US Security Forces to open five different air bases in different cities of Kurdistan. The Kirkuk city is also including in this list of five cities where these bases will be constructed. The militants will not accept this influence of US forces in the region.

Therefore; they are trying to destroy the peace of the city showing that they will attempt many attacks if Kurdistan does not stop acting on this MOU. Kurdistan believes that the air bases will strengthen the security of the region; but the attacks as well.

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