Mishan Jubouri reveals the secrets of the “Conference of the Year” and the financial grants provided by the sponsors


The MP of the Union of Iraqi Forces Mishan Jubouri, the sponsors of the conference “forces” held last Friday in Baghdad and Arbil in a balanced manner.

“The meetings started about nine months ago in Ankara before the Qatari-Saudi dispute, and I think that the Qatari-Saudi dispute led to the transfer of meetings,” Jubouri said in a televised interview with Sky Press. From Ankara into Iraq. ”

“We are betting on Iraq and we believe that those who liberated our areas and fought with us and expelled the da’is are our partners in the homeland from the sons of the south and all the Iraqis,” Jubouri said. And the five countries sponsoring the conference did not receive us wounded or displaced and did not provide assistance to the sons of the component and was sending us suicide bombers, as it came from the Wahhabi ideology produced by Saudi Arabia, these countries and some of us wants to be a tool for its conflict with Iran.

“There are parties in the government supporting the conference of Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri because they are sectarian parties believe that their existence with the presence of a sectarian party,” he said, adding that “talk about finding a serious Sunni reference, and if the National Alliance continued to request representatives of the component, A country of components and we seek to be a country of citizenship, the component proud of those who edited it and provide services. ”

He pointed out that “free and fair elections are to determine who represents the public with the 25 leaders of the platforms are pushing the Sunni component to the destruction, and there is an experience for them and the role of trying to rotate them.”

“At the Ankara meeting and in the presence of a written meeting, the elected secretary-general said he represents 23 armed factions,” he said. Without mentioning the name of who was appointed Secretary-General of the meeting in Ankara.

On the outcome of the power conference held under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubawi, and his outputs, characterized by their compatibility with the political process, MP MP Mishaan Jubouri, “each of us can develop a moderate speech, but the Jubouri Conference were saying we want to form a political reference for the Sunni Arabs in Iraq, and we fought with the state And carried the weapons and the crowd that we have formed 780 martyrs and wounded, so that they will provide us with what they have given to the country other than the speeches of incitement and welcome to the daisy, so how to be welcomed and give the role to those who welcomed Baddash and are ignored who fought?

“Most of those who took part in the Baghdad conference (Mahmoud Mashhadani conference) fought with the state, but the conference of parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, even the expenses of their conference, came from the five countries that promised them a million dollars, but later gave them 170,000, 9 months ago when the countries agreed and have a sectarian project for Iraq to confront Iran, and now after the difference with Qatar instead of sending a million dollars sent 170 thousand dollars and advised them to issue a statement and not hold the conference, so they decided to stand in Erbil and Baghdad and do not hold a single conference because The sponsors are different. ”


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