More than 12K U.S dollars Corruption found in the Iraqi Education Ministry


A member of the Baghdad Provincial Council issued a statement that Council has discovered corruption in the appointments by the Iraqi Ministry of Education. The source added that those appointments were made by the Education Ministry against a large amount of money,

which is estimated at more than 12 thousand U.S dollars. The member of the Baghdad Provincial Council Fatima Al-Hassani said in a press interview that the Provincial Council discussed today regarding the appointments made by the Iraqi Ministry of Education and corruption in the appointments and the corruption amount is estimated at more than twelve thousand U.S dollars. Al-Hassani also pointed out that the Council has discovered that Iraqi Ministry of Education issued administrative orders to grant permissions for the new appointments in exchange with a large amount of money.

It is important that the Ministry of Education also cancelled the previous appointments under the administration of Education Ministry. All the cancellations of the previous appointments were made according to the payment of money and the new appointments made after the collection of large amount of money. She further explained that this amount is just estimated amount and the original amount of corruption will be exceeded and would be up to 12 thousand U.S dollars or more than 14.5 million Iraqi dinars. Point to be noted that current Iraqi government is experiencing a large number of condemnation and public pressure for the activation of its powerful role in the fight against aggressive corruption in the institutions of the state. She added that Iraqi Prime Minister headed the Supreme Council of Anti-Corruption meeting and he said that a real revolution started against corruption. The major corruption files to be opened at the initial and all the corrupt money and elements will be disclosed. All the top corrupt elements and heads involved in corruption in the state should be punished regardless their party positions.

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