Mutlaq reveals the real reasons for postponing the “Conference of the Year” in Baghdad


The head of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue Saleh al-Mutlaq, the Deputy Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, George Posten, the reasons for the postponement of the power conference, which was scheduled to be held mid-month.

In a statement received by Sky Press, the media office said that the latter “met in his office in Boston, which he congratulated on the return of Mosul to the Iraqi embrace and the expulsion of terrorist gangs.”

The statement quoted al-Mutlaq as saying that “the victory in Mosul is a pride for all Iraqis and came with generous sacrifices from the martyrs of the heroic sons of the homeland.”

The statement pointed out that the two sides “discussed postponing the convening of a conference of national forces aimed at helping the people of the affected areas and opening a new horizon of reconciliations and national understandings among the components of the Iraqi people without exception.”

Al-Mutlaq explained that “our conference was postponed for national considerations and to explain its objectives clearly to the political partners, and to give way to the forces that were formed on a sectarian basis to review their positions and return to the right path,” pointing out that “we are determined not to participate in any activity focused on the consolidation of sectarianism And opens the way for others to languish behind their components and lead to the dispersion of the rights of displaced persons, affected and the people of cities affected, and that our conference has been postponed to another time for the purposes of public interest and down at the desire of figures with its national weight.

For his part, Bosten stressed “the position of the United Nations supporting the Iraqi people without exception and the quest of the United Nations to unite the Iraqi house and the success of the dream of national reconciliation.”

The dispute erupted last Saturday within the Sunni forces around some paragraphs of the “Baghdad conference” to be held in mid-August in Baghdad, causing “postponement”, according to informed sources.

The NDP MP Nada al-Jubouri said earlier that the leadership of her party called for the postponement of the conference of the Sunni forces more than once during previous meetings with Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri to include all the forces concerned and indicated that the party did not receive notification of the new date of the conference after Was scheduled for Saturday.

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