Nadia Murad justifies her visit to Israel after controversy


OnĀ  Thursday, The United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, Iraqi Yezidi citizenship, Nadia Murad, justified her recent visit to Israel, after she provoked a wave of anger on the Iraqi street, asserting that the latter had fled from a fugitive and went to the source of terrorism.

“As the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, I have to fulfill my responsibilities to perform my duties in line with the Charter of my humanitarian functions at the United Nations,” Murad said in a statement received by Sky Press. “It is my duty to visit a number of countries Recognized by the United Nations Charter on the Membership of States, especially the visit to those countries where children and women become victims of conflict and war. ”

“I have undertaken this campaign to recognize the genocide and crimes against humanity committed by the terrorist advocate against all the components of the region. I have already visited more than 27 countries, including Islamic and Arab countries such as Egypt and Kuwait. I met with the Imam of the Imam, Ahmed al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, If asked to meet with religious leaders in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. ”

“In more than one interview, meeting and conference, I said that a supporter of Islam, including the UN Security Council, and my visit to the State of Israel and the Palestinians came in my capacity as United Nations Ambassador. During this visit I met with active groups of Jewish, Arab and Christian women, And the visit was not limited to Israel and the Palestinians only, but was intended to visit the refugee camps in Jordan, but the occurrence of breaches in the security situation there prevented it.

“The visit was limited to participation in activities with both Israelis and Palestinians. On Sunday, I participated actively in the event of women for peace with the participation of 300 Arab and Jewish women and girls, as well as participating in an event with students of mixed Jewish Arab secondary schools in Jerusalem on Monday.”

“I have a neutral position on all the conflicts in the Middle East and are committed to my humanitarian mission to defend all the oppressed and in any part of the world. I do not accept anyone to compromise on my work. I have a humanitarian framework and a global message and I will continue to defend the rights of the Yezidi people. Suffering from persecution, as well as defending all vulnerable and marginalized groups, including the defense of Muslim women suffering from persecution and violence in areas of conflict. ”

“Peace and security prevail in all areas of the Middle East and the Palestinian and Israeli peoples reach a genuine peace process that preserves and preserves the rights of the two peoples. I will use all my energy to bring peace to the region so that what happened with my Yazidi and community of genocide with any other people in the region. ”

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