Najaf plans to dig a moat from Nukhayb to the Saudi border


The head of the security committee in Najaf province, Khaled al-Geshmi, said on Tuesday that the security forces aim to secure Najaf province in full through a proposal submitted to the General Command of the armed forces and the Ministry of Defense.

Al-Geshmi said in an interview; that the security committee presented earlier a proposal to the leadership of the armed forces and the Ministry of Defense to secure the borders of Najaf province, pointing out that the proposal is a horizontal trench dug from the Nukhayb to the Saudi border near the city Arar.

He pointed out that the desert of Samawah and Basra must be fully insured, because most of the security violations come from the areas of the southern Badia and not from Saudi territory.

It is worth mentioning that the governor of Dhi Qar, Yahya Naciri, during his inspection on Monday, areas in the southern Badia, called on the security services and citizens to be vigilant and prepare for a post-urging, warning of the activity of sleeper cells in the southern region.

The province of Najaf announced earlier, its intention to take strict security measures to prevent the recurrence of any violations, after an armed attack targeted control of Qadisiyah in the province earlier this year.

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